Provider Portal Access

Contracted Seoul Medical Group providers can select the following links to access the Seattle Medical Group Provider Portals for Referrals and Claims. If you need assistance in accessing the portals, please contact

Referral Portal (Cerecons)

Claims Status Portal

How to Join Seattle Medical Group

Physicians interested in joining Seattle Medical Group can contact our contracting department at or call either (253) 292-0879 or (425) 582-0571 to be connected with the business development manager in your area.

Provider Information

Seattle Medical Group is actively recruiting new Primary Care Physicians (PCPs) and Specialist Physicians to support the growing number of members choosing Seattle Medical Group for their healthcare needs.  Seattle Medical Group is committed to supporting independent community physicians.  Our unique capitated payment model, with generous PCP capitation compensation combined with incentives for quality care, helps the physicians in our IPA successfully manage both clinical and non-clinical needs for our patients. 

Fast Referrals support both patients and physician offices.  Many member services are available through Direct Referrals.  An Easy Online Referral Portal assists physician offices when a referral is needed for a member.  Seattle Medical Group has a referral system where:

  • Over 60% of authorizations are auto approved
  • Urgent Authorizations are completed in 2 hours
  • 90% of authorizations completed in 48 hours

An Easy Claims Submission Process supports rapid claim payment.  Seattle Medical Group has:

  • Electronic Claims Submission
  • A User-friendly Claims Information Portal
  • Experienced Claims Examiners
  • Paper Claim mail to: Seattle Medical Group, 5000 Airport Plaza Drive Suite 150, Long Beach CA 90815

Proactive Physician Office Training and Support Programs are provided by an experienced team which includes Certified Coders and CMS Star Experts.  Support Programs and Training are provided in both the Physician office and at off-site training meetings

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Urgent Care Centers

Visit an urgent care center when you cannot get an appointment with your doctor and you have an urgent non-life-threatening medical need.

Please follow-up with your doctor after any Urgent Care/ER visit or hospital stay. Your doctor knows you best and will work with you to monitor and manage your conditions to keep you in the best possible health.

Lab Services

Interpath Laboratory – (All Locations)

For a service location near you:

Call (800) 452-8106 or

visit Interpath Laboratory Website

LabCorp – (All Patient Service Center Locations)

For a service location near you:

Call (888)-522-2677 or

visit LabCorp Website

Quest Diagnostics – (All Locations)

For a service location near you:

Call (866) 697-8378 or

visit Quest Diagnostics Website

Radiology Services

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